Spring 2023

Spring 2023

Our Current Lab Members

Ph.D. Candidate:

Julia Gambardella,  December 2019-present, graduate student, Cellular and Molecular Pathology Program LinkedIn

Calista Holt, January 2023-present, graduate student, Neuroscience Training Program


Jeanette Metzger, Ph.D., September 2019-present, Scientist LinkedIn

Nancy Schultz-Darken, Ph.D., 2021-present,  Scientist LinkedIn

Lab Personnel:

Viktorya Bondarenko, MD, 2005-present, Pathology Lab Manager LinkedIn

Kerri Fuchs, B.S., 2016-present, Behavioral Research Assistant (WNPRC – Scientific Protocol Implementation Unit)

Allison Makulec, MS, 2022-present, Molecular Pathology Research Assistant

Post Post-baccalaureate Research Interns:

Anthony Mancinelli, B.S., 2022-present, Post-baccalaureate researcher LinkedIn

Undergraduate Students:

Sam Neuman, July 2019-present, B.S. student, undergraduate researcher

Lindsey Christine Neumann, 2021-present, B.S. student, undergraduate researcher

Preethi Saravanan, 2021-present, B.S. student, undergraduate researcher

Mason Koss, 2022-present, B.S. student, undergraduate researcher LinkedIn

Rohan Pemmasani, 2022-present, honors B.S. student, undergraduate researcher LinkedIn

Addison Yake, 2022-present, B.S. student, undergraduate researcher, website coordinator LinkedIn

Steven Johnson, 2022-present, B.S. student, undergraduate researcher





Jeanette Metzger, Viktoriya Bondarenko, Preethi Saravanan, Lindsey Neumann and Marina Emborg’s photo is a Cool Science Image Contest Winner! (2023)

Julia Gambardella, John Maufort, and Marina Emborg’s “Pearls of Life” is a Cool Science Image Contest  Winner! (2022)

Congratulations to Lindsey Neumann on being a 2022 Hilldale Undergraduate awardee!

Congratulations to Sam Neuman on being a 2022 Barry Goldwater Scholar and for becoming part of the Board of Trustees of the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation and the Department of Defense National Defense Education Program

Congratulations to Preethi Saravanan on being awarded 2022 Honorable Mention Sophomore Scholarship Award

Sam Neuman awarded 2021 Hilldale Undergraduate Award recipient!

Anthony Mancinelli received the 2021 Summer Student Fellowship from Parkinson’s Foundation

Julia Gambardella received the 2020-2022 Predoctoral Fellowship through NIH CTSA – UW Madison, Institute for Clinical and Translation Research  “Two trainees-Two trainers”  Program!